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Project Man Cave Inc.

Cookies Policy

Effective Date: June 21, 2023

Last Updated: May 8, 2024 


At Project Man Cave Inc., our commitment lies in ensuring transparency and openness when it comes to collecting and handling your data. This page is crafted to provide you with insights into our cookie practices and guide you on how to control them.


1. Cookie Lifespan and Third-Party Cookies


Cookies fall into two categories based on their lifespan:


  1. Persistent Cookies: These persist on your device after closing your browser and are used for remembering preferences across multiple sessions.

  2. Session Cookies: These last only during your online session and expire when you close your browser.


2. What Are Cookies & How Does Project Man Cave Inc. Use Them?


Cookies and similar technologies play a crucial role in enhancing your experience when using the Project Man Cave Inc. mobile application (“App”) or our websites (such as (“Websites”).


Cookies Overview: Cookies are tiny text files that your web browser or mobile device stores. They serve as a tool for storing information about your App and Website interactions. Cookies also enable us to recognize you and your preferences, ensuring that the App and Websites function smoothly and provide the services our members need, while continually improving your user experience.


In addition to cookies, we may employ other technologies like web beacons (also called pixels), tracking URLs, and software development kits (SDKs) for similar purposes. Web beacons help us identify when someone accesses our Website content, tracking URLs show where visitors originate from, and SDKs function similarly to cookies and web beacons. For simplicity, we refer to these technologies as “Cookies” in this policy.


Types of Cookies and Their Purposes:


  1. Social Media Cookies: These facilitate sharing content between Project Man Cave Inc. and your favorite social networks. In some cases, they may involve third-party cookies.

  2. Performance Cookies: These cookies help us and our marketing partners gauge the effectiveness of Project Man Cave Inc. ads on other apps and websites.

  3. Analytics Cookies: These allow us to gather information about how users interact with the App and Websites. We use this data to compile reports and enhance performance.

  4. Strictly Necessary Cookies: These are essential for the proper functioning of the App and Websites. They handle actions such as setting privacy preferences, login sessions, form submissions, payments, photo uploads, and localization preferences. You can manage these cookies in your browser settings.

  5. Advertising Cookies: Project Man Cave Inc. and our advertising partners may set these cookies to build profiles of your interests and display relevant ads. They also aid in improving ad campaign reporting.


3. How to Contact Us


For any inquiries or concerns about this Cookies Policy, please feel free to email us at


4. How to Decline, or Revoke Consent for Cookies


For more information on Cookies and how to reject them, you can visit the following website:



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