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Project Man Cave Inc.

Privacy Policy


Effective Date: June 21, 2023

Last Updated: May 8, 2024 


This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how Project Man Cave Inc. ("we," "us," “Project Man Cave,” or "our") collects, uses, stores, shares, and protects the personal information of users ("you" or "users") who use our dating mobile application ("the App"). We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. By accessing or using the App, you consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. We urge you to read this together with our Terms & Conditions.


While you indulge in the Project Man Cave mobile application ("App"), explore our websites and microsites (such as, or engage with our digital products and services (collectively referred to as "our Sites" in this Privacy Policy), we gather certain information about you. Furthermore, you have the option to utilize the App or Sites to exchange information with other users, including your friends and contacts ("Users"). Occasionally, there may be a need for us to share your information as well.

1. How We Disclose Information

Our steadfast commitment is to safeguard your Registration Information and personal data. We adhere to strict confidentiality standards and will only disclose such information in specific situations.

Below describes instances of data disclosure:

  1. Moderators - For activity oversight and content approval.

  2. Services Providers - We collaborate with select, reputable third parties to carry out specific functions and deliver essential services on our behalf. While we may share your Registration Information or personal data with these third parties, it is important to note that this is solely for the purpose of fulfilling these functions and delivering the mentioned services. Additional details regarding this partnership can be found above and below in Section 1.

  3. Providers of Marketing Services - We engage marketing service providers to assist us in delivering marketing and advertising content on third-party websites and applications, as well as to assess the impact and efficiency of our advertising campaigns. Further details regarding this are provided below.

  4. Business Transfers - Should a Project Man Cave Inc. experience a business transition or change of ownership, which includes but is not limited to mergers, acquisitions, re-organizations, asset sales, or instances of insolvency or administration, it may be necessary for us to disclose your personal data.

  5. Law & Harm - As highlighted in our Terms & Conditions, we consider it of utmost importance that all Users exhibit responsible behavior while using the App. We are committed to collaborating with third parties to uphold their intellectual property and other rights. Additionally, we will readily assist with lawfully issued law enforcement requests for information, whether originating from within or outside your country of residence, in cases where it is legally mandated. This cooperation may be invoked during investigations into alleged criminal activity or when safeguarding a person's vital interests. In cases where we genuinely believe that compliance with a law or regulation is necessary or when we hold a good faith belief that disclosure serves a justifiable purpose and in the below instances, we reserve the right to relinquish or assert any legal objection or right at our disposal:

    • To ensure the safety and well-being of individuals.

    • To adhere to a legally binding court order or lawful request.

    • To safeguard our own rights and property, as well as the rights and property of third parties.

    • To address matters of fraud, security, or technical concerns, such as employing anti-spam measures to safeguard the service against illicit activities.

  6. Telecommunications Companies & Payment Processing - For processing payments for our premium services.

The following data is disclosed towards each type of data disclosure:

  1. Moderators - Personal Data such as Name, User Registration Details, Profile Information, Message Content, and Photographs (Covering CCPA Categories A, B, C, and H)

  2. Services Providers - This may encompass all data, including every category outlined in CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) mentioned above.

  3. Providers of Marketing Services - Advertising Identifier linked to your device (Device ID), approximate location (derived from your IP address), age, gender, and information pertaining to your interactions with our Sites or App, including actions such as downloading our App or establishing an account with it. Additionally, hashed email addresses (solely for 'custom audiences') (Encompassing CCPA Categories B, C, G, F, and K)

  4. Business Transfers - This might encompass all the personal data in Project Man Cave's possession related to you, inclusive of all the CCPA Categories mentioned above.

  5. Law & Harm - This may encompass any personal data that Project Man Cave possesses concerning you, contingent upon the specific nature of the request or issue we are addressing, and it covers all CCPA Categories mentioned above.

  6. Telecommunications Companies & Payment Processing - Cardholder's Address, Cardholder's Name, Payment Amount, Card Number, Transaction Time/Date (Encompassing CCPA Categories A, B, and D)

Aggregated Information - We may collaborate with third parties to share aggregated information, which may incorporate your personal data (though not in a way that directly identifies you), combined with additional data such as log data. This sharing is carried out for the purposes of industry analysis and demographic profiling.

1 .1 Additional Details Regarding Disclosures 


Providers of Marketing Services:

At Project Man Cave, we collaborate with Marketing Services Providers (e.g., Facebook) to assist us in marketing and promoting our App and services on third-party websites and applications. Additionally, these partnerships help us evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. Here's how these collaborations work:

  1. Tailored Advertising: We use Marketing Services Providers to customize our advertising efforts. This includes excluding existing Project Man Cave account holders from campaigns targeting new users and displaying Project Man Cave ads to individuals who have visited our App/Sites but have not yet registered.

  2. Lookalike Audiences: We create audiences for our advertisements based on user characteristics. These audiences, known as Lookalike Audiences, consist of potential users who share similarities with you, leveraging data held by the Marketing Service Providers.

  3. Custom Audiences: You may be included in a 'custom audience,' receiving specific Project Man Cave advertising content. A custom audience is essentially a list of individuals whom we believe would be most interested in a particular advertisement.


In these partnerships, we share a limited set of your personal data with Marketing Services Providers, including:

  1. Your advertising identifier linked to your device (a unique, random number assigned by your device's manufacturer, e.g., Apple or Google, used for ad tracking and conversion analysis).

  2. Estimated location based on your IP address.

  3. Gender & age.

  4. Information about your interactions with our Sites or App, such as app downloads, account creation, or purchase details.

  5. A hashed version of your email address, which is encrypted using a combination of random characters and letters. This hashed code cannot be linked back to your actual email address.

*Note: Hashing ensures the security of your information, making it virtually impossible to trace back to your email address. When hashed email addresses are shared with Marketing Service Providers, they match them against their own hashed user data. Our ads are then served to users who have successfully matched. The matched and unmatched hashes are subsequently deleted by the Provider.


For further details on how we use cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as how to manage your preferences for such technologies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.


It's important to note that in some instances, these third parties may use the data they collect for their own purposes. For example, they might aggregate your data with other information they possess to enhance advertising-related services provided to other clients.


Service Providers:

At Project Man Cave, we collaborate with trusted third-party entities, referred to as "Service Providers," to perform various functions and deliver services to our users. 

We diligently assess all Service Providers we engage to ensure they maintain robust data protection and information security measures. We share only the necessary personal data required for the specific service they provide. Stringent data retention limits and extensive obligations are imposed on our suppliers through contractual agreements to safeguard user information. Additionally, we take measures to maximize data non-attribution whenever possible.

The selection of suppliers we engage with may vary based on factors such as the specific App, Sites, or services a user interacts with. Here are some examples of the types of suppliers we typically utilize to offer our services:

  1. IT Services: Certain third-party software providers used in our business operations may process personal data.

  2. Billing Services: These providers facilitate the purchase of paid features within our App, such as Google Play.

  3. Product Improvement and Market Research: We engage third-party platforms and agencies to conduct customer surveys and market research, aiding us in enhancing our products and services.

  4. Social Media Providers: To enhance user experience, we allow users to create or link their Project Man Cave accounts with their accounts on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

  5. Authentication Services: These services enable users to verify their accounts, for instance, using Twilio for account authentication.


2. Information We Collect

  2.1 Profile Details


We strongly advise all our members, including you, to exercise caution when sharing personal information. To safeguard your privacy, please refrain from including the following sensitive details in your profile:

  1. URLs

  2. Email addresses

  3. Phone numbers

  4. Instant messaging details

  5. Driver's license details

  6. Full names

  7. Credit card information

  8. Addresses

  9. National identity numbers

  10. Any other sensitive information prone to abuse or misuse.

Risk Disclosure:

When you post information about yourself or engage in messaging with other Users, please be aware that the extent of personal information you choose to disclose is done so at your own discretion and risk. For a comprehensive understanding of who can access the content you post on Project Man Cave, please consult Section 3 below.

2.2 Device Information

Device Information Collection and Address Book Access:

When you use the App, we may gather data about your device, which includes the unique device identifier, device model, and operating system. This information serves various purposes outlined in this policy.

Furthermore, if you grant us permission, the App may access your device's address book exclusively for the purpose of adding a contact to your list.

2.3 Personal Details

We may collect the following personal information from you when you use our App:


  1. Your name, username, and contact details (email address, phone number).

  2. Your gender, date of birth, location, gender identity and sexual preferences.

  3. Access credentials for social media profiles linked to your Project Man Cave Account (such as Facebook and Instagram). For further details, refer to the "How Other Accounts May Be Linked to Project Man Cave" section in section 5 below.

  4. Profile information, including photographs and any other information you choose to provide.

  5. Information from your social media accounts, if you choose to connect them to your App profile.

  6. Communications exchanged through the App, including messages and interactions with other users. This includes group messages

  7. Payment information, such as credit card details, if applicable.

The data we collect serves to enhance the App and validate our Users, with the intent of maintaining a robot-free environment. Specific registration details, including your sexual preference, name, and username, might be visible to other Users who visit your profile page.

Upon completing your registration, you will have the flexibility to review and modify this information whenever needed simply by logging into the App. Please note that certain details, such as your date of birth and location (which, if you've granted Project Man Cave Inc. access to your device's location settings, will be automatically updated based on your device's location), may not be changeable. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your account information. In case your phone number changes, please make sure to update it within your account settings.

For Users who are California residents, the data we may collect falls within the following categories of “personal information”, as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA):

  1. Demographic details regarding protected categories under California or federal law (if voluntarily provided), encompassing ancestry, marital status, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, race, and medical conditions;

  2. Personal data, as defined by the California customer records law, including contact details (such as email and phone numbers) and financial information;

  3. Identifying informations such as locations and names;

  4. Commercial records, including purchase history and transaction specifics;

  5. Online or network activity data, comprising browsing history and interactions with our application and websites;

  6. Biometric data;

  7. Professional or employment-related data, encompassing employment history and previous employers;

  8. Geolocation data, including mobile device location;

  9. Non-public education information; and

  10. Inferences drawn from any of the personal information listed below and above to create a profile or summary about, for example, an individual’s preferences and characteristics; and

  11. Electronic, audio, analogous and visual data, like photographs and videos.

2.4 Messaging

Message Content Analysis:

Within the App, we conduct reviews of message content to identify trends, sentiments, and topics among our Users. As a precautionary measure, we will undertake efforts to eliminate personally identifying information from these messages before the review process.

Please be assured that we do not disclose the content of User messages or any insights derived from them to any third parties.

2.5 Contacting Customer Support

Contacting Customer Support and Data Handling:

When you reach out to our Customer Support team through our email address, we will obtain your email address and may record your IP address. We do this to assist in addressing your query effectively and providing you with the necessary support.

Our practice includes maintaining records of our interactions with you, which encompasses any complaints received from you regarding other Users, as well as complaints from other Users concerning you. These records will be retained for a duration of 6 years following the deletion of your account.

2.6 Profile Verification Data, Which May Encompass Biometric Information

To prioritize your safety, enhance your overall user experience, and maintain the integrity of the Project Man Cave Inc. community, we require Users to verify their accounts. This verification process may entail requesting your phone number and, in specific cases, conducting photo verification. Our objective is twofold: to confirm that you are a genuine user, not a robot, and to thwart the creation of fraudulent Project Man Cave accounts that could potentially engage in malicious activities and cybercrime, thereby jeopardizing the Project Man Cave network and the experience for all Users. Account verification serves as a fraud prevention measure.

Additionally, we offer the option for Users to voluntarily verify their profile photos, indicated by the coveted 'verified' badge on their profiles. When you opt for photo verification, we carefully scan each submitted photo. This scan may involve utilizing facial recognition technology to compare the submitted photo with your existing profile picture, ensuring your identity matches your claim. It's important to note that we do not display the verification photos on your profile.

We retain these scans for future verification purposes and for our record-keeping obligations, keeping them in our records until they are no longer required for such purposes or up to three years following your last interaction with us, depending on whichever event occurs first. After the designated retention period lapses, we take appropriate and secure measures to permanently delete the scans from our systems.

2.7 Geolocation Data

Location Access and App Customization:

If you have granted Project Man Cave access to your device's location settings, when you use the app, we will collect data concerning WiFi access points, as well as other location-related information including longitude and latitude. Additionally, we may store your device's coordinates to provide specific features tailored to your location. This information enables us to determine your physical whereabouts and serves the purpose of personalizing the app, facilitating easier interactions with other Users.

This personalization includes displaying general locality information to Users viewing your profile and presenting you with the profiles of nearby Users.

If you have previously granted Project Man Cave access to your location but wish to disable this feature, you can do so using the following methods:


For Android users:

  1. Access settings

  2. Find and select location

  3. Locate Project Man Cave

  4. Adjust permissions for location


For iPhone app users:

  1. Go to settings

  2. Navigate to privacy

  3. Select location services

  4. Locate and choose Project Man Cave

2.8 Information About Purchases 

When you choose to purchase any of our premium services, we will securely process your payment information and retain it for the purpose of preventing fraud and fulfilling audit/tax requirements.

Project Man Cave employs automated decision-making processes as a part of its anti-fraud measures to prevent fraudulent payment transactions. To achieve this, our systems meticulously scrutinize payment transactions for behaviors indicative of violations of our Terms & Conditions. If a transaction meets specific criteria that strongly suggest a breach of our Terms & Conditions and indicate potential fraud, the transaction may be automatically blocked. In cases where a transaction is blocked, affected Users will receive a notification indicating that their transaction cannot proceed, and they have the option to contact Project Man Cave to contest the decision.

2.9 Links

Link Interaction Monitoring:

We may monitor your interactions with links provided on Project Man Cave, including those leading to third-party services, either by redirecting clicks or employing alternative methods. We might also share collective statistics related to link clicks, such as the total number of clicks a specific link received.

2.10 Cookies & Related Technologies

Automatic Data Collection Through Cookies:

During your visits to our Sites or while utilizing our App, we may automatically gather personal data using cookies or similar technologies. A cookie is a small file that can be stored on your device or within your browser, enabling us to identify and remember you.

For comprehensive details about cookies, including their purpose, usage, and the options you have, kindly consult our Cookie Policy.

2.11 Project Man Cave Surveys, Customer Success Stories & Other Offerings

Participation in Surveys and Marketing:

Periodically, we conduct surveys for research purposes, and we may reach out to you to inquire if you'd like to participate. Additionally, we might contact you to seek your feedback, testimonials, or involvement in marketing initiatives. For example, if you inform us of a successful match on the App, we may inquire if you'd be willing to feature in Project Man Cave advertising campaigns.

It's important to note that these surveys and marketing campaigns are entirely optional. Further details and options will be provided when we contact you. If you prefer not to be contacted for survey or marketing participation, please reach out to our Customer Support Team via

3. What Others May See About You 


Responsible Sharing and Celebrating Our Amazing Users:

We value our Users and have created features that allow you to showcase your awesomeness to the world. Our App is designed to simplify your connections with fellow Users and facilitate meaningful interactions.

As you navigate the Project Man Cave App, it's important to understand that anything you post or submit may be accessible and viewable by both Users and individuals who aren't part of our App community. We urge caution when sharing information that could eventually become public.

Exercise prudence, particularly when disclosing sensitive details on your profile, such as religious affiliation and health information. You also have the option to include sensitive information when adding certain Project Man Cave badges to your profile, such as your religion and political inclinations. While sharing this information is voluntary, it's important to recognize that by doing so, you explicitly consent to our processing of this data and making it accessible to other Users.

Your Project Man Cave profile and other information made available through the App, including details imported from third-party accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify - see Section 5 of this Privacy Policy for more details), can be viewed and shared by Users, including those who may not use the App. For instance, a User might suggest you as a match to their Facebook friend(s) by capturing a screenshot of your profile picture and sharing it, regardless of whether those friends are App Users.

Please be aware that in specific countries (currently limited to South Korea), Users have the capability to download their conversation history as mandated by local laws. Project Man Cave does not control how Users may subsequently publish or use this information.


Additionally, if you log in or access the App through your Facebook or another third-party account on a shared device, it's important to log out of both the App and the relevant third-party account when you leave the device. This helps safeguard your Project Man Cave account from unauthorized access by other users of the device. Your privacy and security are paramount to us.

4. How We Use Your Information

Our primary objective is to ensure that your Project Man Cave experience is enjoyable and free from any unwelcome surprises. To achieve this, we utilize your Registration and other information to provide you with a seamless experience, which includes the following purposes:

  1. Personalizing the App/Sites and the content to align with your interests.

  2. Conducting research and analytics to better understand your interactions with the App/Sites.

  3. Keeping you informed with App-related updates and new features.

  4. Offering our services and features tailored to your preferences.

  5. Addressing disputes, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring compliance with our Terms & Conditions.

  6. Sending you information about promotions and offers that may be of interest to you via direct marketing or other communication methods (subject to your consent).

  7. Investigating fraudulent activities, safeguarding our legal rights, and enforcing our Terms & Conditions.

  8. Protecting both our Users and third parties from potential harm.

  9. Testing innovative technologies and processes aimed at enhancing and refining the App/Sites.


Please note that your consent plays a pivotal role in email direct marketing, and you can manage your marketing preferences at any time through the App's Settings or by utilizing the provided opt-out mechanisms and links in each message. Your privacy and enjoyable experience are our utmost priorities.

4.1 Practices of Moderation

Monitoring and Enforcement of User Content:

We employ a dual approach, combining automated systems and a dedicated team of moderators, to diligently oversee and assess accounts, encompassing photos and all other content uploaded to user profiles, as well as messages exchanged. Our vigilance is directed towards identifying content that suggests violations of our Terms & Conditions.

In cases where an account or message meets specific criteria indicative of likely breaches of our Terms & Conditions, we take appropriate action, which may involve issuing a warning, restricting user access, or blocking the relevant account. Users who find themselves affected by such measures have the option to contact Project Man Cave to challenge the decision.

Please be aware that should you post content that contradicts our Terms & Conditions, we maintain the right to terminate or limit access to your Account, as stipulated in our policies.

4.2 Project Man Cave’s Matching Algorithm

Utilizing Matching Algorithms for Enhanced Compatibility:

We've harnessed the power of advanced matching algorithms to enhance your experience by predicting your compatibility with other Users and presenting you with profiles of individuals we believe are a great match for you. These algorithms draw from various data sources, including:

  1. The information you provide about yourself within your profile.

  2. Details pertaining to your interactions within our apps.

  3. Your status as a photo-verified user.

  4. Your device coordinates, essential for gauging your proximity to fellow members.

Should you opt to include sensitive information in your profile, such as details about your beliefs, the processing of this data relies on your voluntary and explicit consent, further highlighting our commitment to respecting your preferences and privacy.

5. How Other Accounts May Be Linked To Project Man Cave


5.1 Signing In

Signing In with Social Media Accounts:

When you choose to sign in to our App using your Facebook or Apple ID, certain permissions are granted to facilitate the process. Here's what you need to know:


Using Your Facebook Account:

By signing in via your Facebook account, you grant permission for Facebook to share with us your name and profile picture. Unless you opt out, Facebook may also provide us with additional information, including your email address (if linked to your Facebook account), date of birth, profile photos, gender, Page likes, and current town/city.

Using Your Apple ID:

If you register or sign in using your Apple ID, Apple will have permission to share your Apple login, a name that you can edit, and an email address. You have the option to conceal your email address, in which case Apple will generate a random email address to maintain your personal email's privacy. This email address will be linked to your Project Man Cave account and used for account retrieval purposes.

We utilize this shared data to construct your Project Man Cave account. In the event you remove the Project Man Cave app from your Facebook settings or Apple ID, we will no longer have access to this data. However, please note that the personal data we received during the initial setup of your Project Man Cave account using your Facebook or Apple ID will still be retained unless you opt to delete your Project Man Cave account entirely. Your control over data access is important to us.

5.2 Linking social media accounts to your Project Man Cave account

You have the option to establish connections between your Project Man Cave account and your Instagram or Facebook, accounts. This linkage enables you to seamlessly share specific content from these platforms directly to your Project Man Cave account.

It's essential to note that we only receive the limited information that Instagram permits to be transferred. This information is outlined in detail by Instagram/Facebook/Spotify and is agreed upon by you when initially connecting your account from these platforms to your Project Man Cave account.

Should you wish to discontinue the linkage between your Project Man Cave account and your Instagram or Facebook account, kindly navigate to the settings within your Instagram or Facebook account. Follow the provided instructions to revoke Project Man Cave app access permissions. Please be aware that any information previously added to your Project Man Cave account from these platforms will not be deleted unless you manually remove it within your Project Man Cave account settings. Your control over these connections is important to us.

6. Locations of Data


Global Accessibility and Data Protection:


Our goal is to make Project Man Cave accessible to you wherever you are in America. To achieve this, we operate a network of servers in the United States.

7. Your Rights


In your country, privacy laws grant you various rights, including:

  1. Rights Related to Automated Decision-Making and Profiling: When automated processing leads to decisions with legal or significant consequences, you have the right to ensure human intervention in the decision-making process.

  2. Right of Rectification: If your data is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected.

  3. Right of Access: You can request a copy of your personal data.

  4. Right to Erasure: Under certain circumstances, you can request the deletion of your data.

  5. Right to Object: In certain situations, such as data processed for legitimate interests or marketing purposes, you can object to the processing.

  6. Right to Restrict Processing: In specific situations, you can request the cessation of data processing while retaining the data.

  7. Right to Data Portability: You can request a machine-readable copy of certain data that can be transferred to another provider.

  8. Right to Information: You have the right to know what personal data an organization is processing and the reasons behind it. This information is provided in this Privacy Policy.

Please note that your specific rights, which may include additional ones not mentioned above, can vary based on your country's privacy laws. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the privacy rights applicable in your country.

8. Your California Privacy Rights

California Residents' Rights and Privacy Disclosures:

For Users residing in California, you have certain rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, in addition to those outlined in section 7 above. You also have the right to be free from any discriminatory practices for exercising these rights under the Act:

  1. Right to Deletion: You can request the deletion of personal information collected from you, with some exceptions.

  2. Right to Information: You have the right to request that we disclose specific information and provide an explanation regarding how we've collected, used, and shared your personal information over the past 12 months.

Additionally, California's "Shine the Light" law, Civil Code section 1798.83, mandates that certain businesses respond to requests from California customers seeking information about the businesses' practices related to disclosing personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. If you wish to inquire about your rights under California Civil Code section 1798.83, please contact us at


On occasion, as part of a joint promotion with a third party, we may disclose your contact information to that third party if you choose to participate in the promotion. This disclosure allows them to market their products or services to you. When this is a condition for participation, we will always inform you before you enter the promotion. To unsubscribe from messages sent by third parties, please follow the instructions provided by them.

Furthermore, in compliance with California law, operators of online services must disclose their response to "do not track" signals or similar mechanisms that empower consumers to control the collection of personal information over time and across third-party online services. We currently do not track our Users' personal information over time and across third-party online services. This law also necessitates operators to clarify whether third parties may collect personal information about users' online activities when they use the operator's service. We do not knowingly permit third parties to collect personal information about an individual User's online activities over time and across different online services when using the App. Your privacy and rights are paramount to us.

9. Project Man Cave's Age Policy

Age Requirement and Child Protection:

While we aim to make Project Man Cave accessible to as many individuals as possible, please note that you must be a minimum of 18 years old to use our platform.

Project Man Cave is committed to neither collecting information from nor marketing to children, minors, or anyone below the age of 18. In the event that we discover a child, minor, or anyone under 18 has registered with us and shared personal information, we will promptly take measures to terminate their registration. The safety and privacy of all our Users, especially those who are underage, are of utmost importance to us.

10. How Data is Retained & Deleted

Data Retention and Account Deletion:

We retain your personal information only for as long as it is necessary based on the legal grounds mentioned in Section 2 above and in accordance with applicable laws. Please refer to "Profile Verification Data, Which May Encompass Biometric Information" in Section 1 for details on our retention policy regarding biometric data.


When you decide to delete your Account, rest assured that we ensure it is no longer visible within the App. You have a 28-day window during which you can restore your Account if it was accidentally deleted. After this period, we commence the process of erasing your personal information from our systems, unless:

  1. Legitimate Business Interests: The information is required for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing User safety and security. For example, we may need to retain information to prevent a previously banned user (due to unsafe behavior or security incidents) from creating a new account.

  2. Outstanding Issues: There is an ongoing issue, claim, or dispute that necessitates keeping the relevant information until resolution.

  3. Compliance Records: We must retain it to demonstrate our adherence to applicable laws. For instance, if an account is blocked, we maintain some account details and a record of the behavior that led to the block for evidential purposes in the event of inquiries or legal claims related to the block.

  4. Legal Obligations: We are required to retain it to comply with applicable laws (e.g., for tax and accounting purposes if you made in-App purchases).

Important Note: 

Even if you remove information from your profile or delete your Account, copies of that data may still be accessible if it was previously shared with others or copied and stored by others. We do not have control over this, and we cannot assume liability for it. Additionally, if you have granted third-party applications or websites access to your personal information, they may retain such data as permitted by their terms of service or privacy policies.

11. Security

At Project Man Cave, we take great pride in implementing comprehensive security measures to protect your information against potential loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure. We utilize reasonable security protocols, including secure servers fortified by firewalls, to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data.


However, it's essential to acknowledge that no website or Internet transmission can ever be completely impervious, and we cannot provide an absolute guarantee against unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches. Nonetheless, here are some practical tips to help bolster the security of your data:

  1. Periodically change your password to enhance security.

  2. Always remember to log out of your Account when you're done to prevent unauthorized access.

  3. Refrain from sharing your Project Man Cave Account password with anyone.

  4. If you suspect that someone may have gained access to your password or Account, please promptly contact us at Keep in mind that while your personal data is in transit to our site, we cannot ensure its security, and any transmission is undertaken at your own discretion and risk. Your vigilance and cooperation in maintaining data security are greatly appreciated.

12. Privacy Policy Changes


Updates to Our Privacy Policy:

As Project Man Cave continues to develop, we may periodically update this Privacy Policy. The most recent version of this policy will determine how we utilize your information and can always be found on this page.

Should we make significant changes to this policy, as determined solely by us, we will notify you accordingly. This notification may take the form of an email sent to the address linked to your Account or through a notice posted within Project Man Cave. Your awareness of these updates is important to us.

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