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Devin Weider

Founding Caveman


Scuba Diving, The Legend of Zelda, Football, All things food & drink, History, Music & Movies




Tokyo, Japan

Date of Birth:

March 2, 1986

The Bro on the Right!

Life certainly has a way of taking us to interesting places. My journey started at the age of 18 when I first made the big move from Rochester, NY to Tampa, FL for college. It was my first time living in a new city and I quickly realized I didn't know anyone. Luckily living on a college campus helps!


Fast-forward to graduation and I've spend the following 16 years living in various cities/countries around the world. I taught English in Sendai, Japan, had a brief stint in London, worked in IT for five years in San Francisco and spent another three specializing in IT based out of Tokyo, Japan.


Unfortunately, all the moving comes at a price. Every few years I'm painfully separated from friends and forced to start from scratch. It sucks. ​The more I age, the more responsibilities I seem to accumulate resulting in less free time available. From my experience, meeting a new friend is difficult. After a sports injury (torn achilles) joining a club was a no go, Meetups are usually filled with way too many people, plus awkward, and I generally can't think of another way to meet new friends in real life.​


I founded Project Man Cave out of a desire to meet likeminded friends in my area in a relaxed environment. My mission is to help all men, young and old, make new, meaningful friendships in real life while simultaneously increasing their overall happiness.  

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